How Auto-Translate is helping organizations break the language barrier

by Mike Sharkey

Forty-six languages. Zero effort. Become a truly global business with Auto Translate.

Auto Translate makes global communication easy. When News Feed sees a post in a different language, it’ll offer to translate it there and then. No extra steps and no time wasted.

Transform global communications

Breaking the language barrier is key to becoming a global business. This is especially true for organizations with offices around the world. Too often, great ideas don’t travel because teams simply can’t talk to each other effectively.

Auto-Translate changes that.

Unlock innovation – anywhere

Auto Translate uses the same machine learning technology that serves up 4.5 billion translations every day on Facebook – and it’s improving all the time.

So now you can talk business (or affaires or geschaft or ビジネス) in 46 languages.

“Translations have given people the ability to communicate instantly with colleagues in their local language and that’s built an inclusive sense of community”

– Jim Loree, CEO Stanley Black and Decker

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